Used in homes, professional golf and sports venues and parks.

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Celebration is a deep blue-green bermudagrass that has finished best in numerous university research studies for wear tolerance and recovery, drought resistance and tolerance and bermudagrass shade tolerance. Found in professional and college sports venues, golf courses and home lawns….Read More


Celebration is currently being used in numerous applications: homes, professional golf and sports venues and parks throughout the southern United States and throughout the world. Celebration performs well across a variety of applications…Read More


Striking Blue-Green Color, #1 Rated Drought Tolerance, Most Shade Tolerant Bermuda, Excellent Wear Tolerance and Divot Recovery, Reduced Fertilization, Great Choice for Recreational and Professional Sports, Widely Used on Golf Courses, Proven Performance.

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Lawnifi Banner - Advanced Fertilizers for Successful Lawns
Lawnifi Banner - Advanced Fertilizers for Successful Lawns

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Florida Field

For the first time in school history, Jason Smith, Turf Coordinator at the University of Florida, received the prestigious Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA) “Field of the Year Award” in the collegiate division for his work on “The Swamp.” A highly-competitive process with thousands of applicants, Smith and his team secured the highest honor in sports turf in December and will be recognized at the STMA Conference & Exhibition in Denver in mid-January….Read More

Memorial Stadium

A crew of BREC workers took their time to meticulously paint the yard lines at Memorial Stadium on Thursday morning. The sight of freshly painted markings on a well-manicured field is an inviting vision that symbolizes the start of another high school football season. This is not just another season at Memorial, a 64-year-old Baton Rouge landmark that sits adjacent to Interstate 110 not far from the State Capitol…Read More

World Cup

We’ll hear a lot about stress during Brazil’s World Cup. But we won’t always equate it to the living organism often ignored on the pitch: the pitch itself. With 22 players—and officials—digging cleats into the turf, heat suffocating the grass, and shade blocking out the sun combining together to punish the World Cup sod game after game, the 77,000 or so square feet of turf must withstand stress. And look pretty doing it…Read More

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Lawnifi Banner - Advanced Fertilizers for Successful Lawns
Lawnifi Banner - Advanced Fertilizers for Successful Lawns